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Facilitating a peer support group during a pandemic isn’t easy. Whether or not you’ve found a way of meeting (online or in person) or keeping in touch with members, we want to hear how things are going and find out what we can do to be of use.

As part of this project, funded by NSUN, Ellie – our freelance Groups & Networks Development Worker – has put together a survey as we try and map out which groups are currently running, which are on hold and which ones would like some additional support.

Group facilitators and members are welcome to fill this out (ideally on behalf of the group, but it’s fine if we get a few duplicates). We will use the information to update our database of groups and determine what support we can offer that would be useful.

You can check out the survey here:

Here’s a message from Ellie explaining the project and what she’ll be doing.

Hello! My name is Ellie. I’m currently working freelance for the HVN as the Groups & Networks Development Worker on a new project. I’m a long-term voice-hearer and vision-seer, and have been part of the network for several years. I’ll be getting in touch with groups around England to check that contact details are up to date as well as looking for any new groups. As well as mapping out the network, the project is also aimed at developing some support to help sustain groups during these challenging times. This might take the form of a support network for facilitators, training or help getting online, for example. Mine is a short-term contract aimed at finding out what support and resources would be most helpful; once we can see what help is needed, everyone at HVN will work together to put that support in place. I look forward to speaking with those who would like to soon, and I send strength & solidarity to everyone.

Ellie, Freelance Groups & Networks Development Worker

Want to share your experiences?

If you’ve already moved your group online, or have found other ways of connecting, we’d love to hear from you. In addition to completing the survey, you might want to write a short article about your experiences or share some tips that you’ve learned along the way.

If you want to contribute something to our newsletter or website about this, just email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

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