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We offer training that supports our charitable aims of helping to raise awareness of voices, visions and related experiences and supporting the development of Hearing Voices Groups.

To make the best use of our limited resources, and help maximise their reach, we offer our training at a reduced rate in return for a proportion of the places. We then use these places to reach out beyond the host organisation, prioritising people who hear voices, see visions or have similar experiences and those wanting to set up groups.

All workshops/courses are suitable for: people with their own personal experience; family/friends/carers; anyone working or volunteering in the mental health, social care, housing, education, substance use, youth, criminal justice, trauma or community sector organisations; anyone with an interest in this area. We offer:

  • Living with Voices & Visions: a 1 day workshop
  • Living with, and Making Sense of, Voices & Visions: a 2 day workshop
  • Setting Up and Sustaining Hearing Voices Groups

Living with Voices and Visions

A 1-day workshop that gives a clear overview of the Hearing Voices Movement approach, including:

  • Understanding the diversity of voices and visions
  • Different was people make sense of these experiences
  • Voices and visions in context (exploring links to relational, social, cultural, spiritual, historical and political worlds)
  • Strategies for living with difficult voices and visions
  • Working with, not on, voice-hearers and support their journeys
  • Accessing further support

Living with, and Making Sense of, Voices and Visions

A 2-day workshop that includes the ‘Living with Voices & Visions’ day (outlined above) and takes a deeper look into some of the different routes people take to gain a greater understanding of their voices & visions.

Using practical exercises, group discussion and examples, participants will develop a toolbox of possibilities to support someone who hears voices and visions in their journey towards gaining greater understanding and a more balanced relationship with their experiences.

Setting Up and Sustaining Hearing Voices Groups

A 3-day workshop that equips participants with the knowledge, confidence and skills to set up and sustain a peer support group for people who hear voices, see visions or have similar sensory experiences (aka ‘Hearing Voices Group). The course will cover topics including:

  • The Hearing Voices Network approach to voices and visions
  • A living, and contextual, history of Peer Support and Hearing Voices Groups
  • Exploring the practical implementation of the Hearing Voices Movement ethos within groups
  • The role of facilitators in a peer support group
  • Facilitation skills and working with co-facilitators
  • Supporting the group to navigate challenges and crises
  • Sustaining groups (planning, promoting and embedding groups within organisations and/or creating structures to support independent groups)



£700 per day, plus reasonable travel/accommodation expenses.

The Exchange:

We provide the trainer(s), training materials and e-certificates. You would provide: a suitable venue, flipchart paper & pens; recruitment of trainees (except for those places managed by HVN); communication with trainees.

Funding the Training:

In the current financial climate, funding training isn’t easy. Whilst we’re offering our training as cheaply as we can – smaller organisations and those with already-squeezed budgets may need to be creative. Some ideas include:

  • Find another organisation to partner with (and share costs or arrange for your group to contribute ‘in kind’ with something practical)
  • Sell spare tickets to people and organisations in the region
  • Apply for a grant (or crowdfund to get local people engaged) – see:
  • Talk with us. If you see a real need for training in your area email us and we can think together about a way forward

Find Out More:

If you’d like to talk with us about organising a training course in your area, e-mail: