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Whilst many people who hear voices or see visions have comforting, pleasant or neutral experiences – others are overwhelmed with scary or difficult experiences. This page is here to offer hope to any readers who are struggling right now, showing that people can – and do – recover.

Sometimes, when people are feeling overwhelmed, the idea that they can find ways of making sense of and coping with their voices can feel strange, frightening or unrealistic. Equally, the idea of attending a Hearing Voices Group for the first time can feel very scary too. It can seem like a big step.

At times like these, it can really help to hear from people who have walked a similar path and can share the wisdom that they have learned along the way.

If you have a message of hope that you would like to share, please write a comment below.

If your story is a long one (and many of ours are), feel free to send it to Whilst we can’t publish every story we get, we are keen to add more experiences to the site and our quarterly newsletter.

For more testimonies, please see our Personal Experiences page.