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This is the sixth in our series of online events to help us find ways of connecting with each other to explore voices and visions from different angles during the pandemic.

On Sunday 7 November, from 7.30 – 9pm UK Time (GMT) we will be hosting an online gathering to explore the ways voices, visions and related experiences are portrayed in TV series. 

Join Rai and a panel of contributors who bring different experiences to the table (personal and professional) as they explores some of the different ways that voice-hearing and visions is depicted in TV series. 

In this event we’ll be looking at examples that focus on characters and story development … dramas. It will include Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Prison Break, Moone Boy, Perception and River.

As well as looking at some clips from these shows and sharing our responses to them, we’ll also be zooming out to consider some of the wider issues:

  • What does this genre offer us? 
  • What is missing? 
  • Why are some depictions of voices/visions more common than others? 
  • Has voices/visions become a ‘trope’? 
  • What stereotypes might they perpetuate? 
  • If someone with lived experience of voices/visions wrote it, what might be different?

This event is free and open to anyone who wants to come along (whether you hear voices or not). However, registration is needed in order to keep the gathering safe. We will also live stream it via our YouTube channel.

Register at:

Please read FAQ before registering (especially information about privacy and safety).

If you are not a member of HVN please consider donating a ticket price of your choosing via Thank you!

Want to join from another country?

If you want to join from another country you are welcome. The gathering is taking place at 19.30 GMT. Please confirm your local time to avoid confusion/disappointment. See:

The Plan:

  • Welcome – brief welcome from Rai (the host) and panelists
  • TV Clips and discussion – we will play a range of clips from a selection of TV series (named above) that depict voice-hearing and visions in different ways. We’ll use these as jumping off points for discussion. The TV industry doesn’t exist in a bubble, so we’re sure to cover some wider issues too.
  • Join In – this event is as interactive as you want it to be. Some of you will want to simply watch and listen (and that’s fine). Others may want to connect with others, share your thoughts or ask questions using the ‘chat’ or ‘Q&A’ functions. Some of you (we hope) might want to switch on your microphones (and maybe even cameras) and pop in to speak with us in person. 

Register at:

Please read FAQ before registering (especially information about privacy and safety).

The Panel

Rai Waddingham (Host)

I’m Chair of HVN and a definite geek. I love it when I unexpectedly see something on one of my favourite shows that – intentionally or not – really resonates with my lived experience of hearing voices, seeing visions, dissociating or living in overwhelming unshared realities. Oh, and I’m not a stranger to those painful moments when someone gets it badly wrong and some of my favourite shows and characters become yet another part of that wall of stigma and discrimination that is so familiar to many of us.

Veenu Gupta

Veenu Gupta is a psychology PhD student with psychosis researching identities within psychology. Eastenders enthusiast and wannabe twitter influencer.


Eoin Kelly

Eoin is a voice hearer and artist from south east London, and also the newest member of the HVN board of trustees. 

He studied film production at university, and he has always found the way voices & visions are depicted in film & media to be a complicated issue. 

He’s particularly interested in how we can recreate such individual and personal experiences in TV in a way that can be understood by a wide audience without being reductive.


Is it a peer support space? Whilst we hope the discussion will be beneficial to all – increasing connections and solidarity – it is not a Hearing Voices Group and does not have the same level of safety and confidentiality as a space set up for peer support. Imagine it like a supportive social event attended by people who have a similar interest – but may not know each other.

I don’t hear voices, but love watching TV. Can I come? Ofcourse – everyone with an interest in the topic is welcome to come and take part. We love having a mix of people – it helps our discussions be that much richer. However, it is important that everyone is aware that many participants will have experience of voices, visions and stigma/discrimination. So, please respect our ground rules.

Are there any ground rules? As with all HVN events, we follow Intervoice’s community agreement. In short, we ask people to be kind and generous with one another. These are difficult times for so many of us, so extending understanding and compassion to one another is a valuable gift right now. There will be a HVN representative taking part in the chat who will be there if there are any concerns or issues.

How tech savvy do I need to be? As long as you (or someone with you) has basic skills in operating a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, you should be fine. Using Zoom is no harder than making a phone call or surfing the internet. Check out this guide to attending Zoom ‘Webinar’s for some easy instructions: Just ask if you need any more guidance.

Who will know that I’m attending? The HVN volunteers crucial to managing the event will have access to the list of participants (which includes the name you registered with). However, other participants will not be able to see that you’re there unless you use the ‘chat’ or ‘Q&A’ function.

When will others see my name? If you use use the Q&A function to ask or respond to a question, use the chat facility or join us in the Zoom room by audio/video other attendees will see the name that you registered with. This is why we suggest you register only with your first name, or a pseudonym if you have any concerns re privacy. If you have accidentally registered with your full name and wish to change it, please email us and we will do this for you before the event.

Can I ask take part in person? Whilst your microphone and webcam (if you have one) will be automatically disabled during the event, if you would like to ask a question, make a comment or join in the discussion in person you are welcome to raise your hand and we will invite you in when we can. You can also write a question or comment in the Q&A section of the Zoom room. If you want to ask a question in person (with sound) please make sure you have a microphone enabled on your device.

Why are you recording it? We know that there will be some people who would love to hear the discussion and feel part of the event – but will not be able to access it (e.g. because of computer access, technology glitches or having a difficult time and struggling to focus). We would like to be able to reach out to these people too, so will be recording it. If you are concerned about the recording, or say something that you wish to be edited out – please let us know. We are happy to remove any of your contributions that you ask us to – and will not store them. We will leave 7 days before making the recording available to others. Hopefully this gives you time to let us know any concerns.

Is Zoom safe? Since the lockdown, Zoom has become one of the most popular video conferencing packages. When something is popular, on the internet, there are often people who want to hack or ruin it. There have been some cases reported of people entering into Zoom rooms and sharing distressing content with attendees. Since this, Zoom has put in place guidance for security (and some updates) that we are following. Do ask us if you have any questions.

Any other questions, just email us at or comment on this page.

Register at:

If you are not a member of HVN please consider donating a ticket price of your choosing via Thank you!

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