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Over the past few years there has been an increasing amount of radio programmes, videos and short films on hearing voices and related issues available online. This collection includes a few of those that we think you may find interesting or useful. Intervoice – the International Hearing Voices Network – also has a wonderfully diverse collection of video materials on their YouTube channel.

If you’d like to see more, check out:

Personal Experiences of Hearing Voices, Visions, ‘Psychosis’ & Recovery

Eleanor Longden – TED Talk

In this talk, which has had almost 3,000,000 views, Eleanor shares her experience of being diagnosed with schizophrenia – a diagnosis she has now left behind as she finds a way to live with, and understand, the voices she hears.

Asylum Associated & Bobbywood: Listening to Voice-Hearers

Featuring Kate, Bob and Shaun talking about their experiences.

Daniel Mackler: Take These Broken Wings

Featuring Joanne Greenberg (bestselling author of “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden”), recovered for over fifty years. Interviews with Peter Breggin, Robert Whitaker, Bertram Karon, and Catherine Penney. Directed by Daniel Mackler.

Rai Waddingham: Becoming A Person

In this ‘short thought’, Rai talks about how she lost her sense of self as a human being – and how the Hearing Voices Network helped her regain it.

Voice Collective – A Little Insight

Young people from the Voice Collective project in London share their experiences in a short animation aimed at raising awareness of the experiences.

Voices Vic – Madness: A Meaningful Journey

Our friends from the other side of the world (the wonderful ‘Voices Vic’) have produced this excellent short documentary on the experience of voice-hearing.

Rai Waddingham – Get To Know Your Voices

In this ‘short thought’, Rai talks about some of the strategies she has used to get to know her voices better – and find a way of understanding them.

Support, ‘Treatment’ & Wider Issues

Engaging with Voices

The Engaging with Voices videos are intended as inspiration and support for people interested in compassionate approaches to voices. They were created by 15 videos created by Elisabeth Svanholmer, Charlie Heriot-Maitland and Rufus May. Filming and editing by John Richardson and his team.

Compassion For Voices: A Tale of Courage & Hope

A film – produced by the Cultural Institute at Kings – about the compassionate approach to relating with voices.

Daniel Mackler: Healing Homes

An in-depth exploration of the Family Care Foundation, one of the best psychosis-oriented programs in the world, a Swedish organization which places people failed by traditional psychiatry in families, many of whom are farm families, as a start to a whole new life. Interviews with clinicians, clients, and host families.

Phil Borges: Psychosis or Spiritual Awakening?

“Phil Borges, filmmaker and photographer, has been documenting indigenous and tribal cultures for over 25 years. His work is exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and his award winning books have been published in four languages. Phil’s recent project, Inner Worlds, explores cultural differences with respect to consciousness and mental illness”.