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Knowledge is power, or at least that’s one way of looking at it. Part of our remit at HVN is to share information and resources that both increase understanding around voice-hearing and help people manage difficult experiences.

In this section of the site you will find a range of different resources that may be of use. As there are many different kinds of experiences underneath the voice-hearing umbrella, some of these resources will be of more interest/use than others. Please use your own wisdom to skip over ones that don’t suit you and focus on those that do.

In this section

Free Leaflets and Booklets: Resources created by others that you can access for free. Including coping strategy sheets, a booklet on ‘Better Sleep for Voice Hearers’ and booklets for parents of children who hear voices.

Audio, Films and Videos on Hearing Voices: A range of audiovisual material on the topic of hearing voices, seeing visions and related experiences. It includes people talking about their own experiences.

Online HVN Gatherings: Our ‘Voices and Visions in …’ series, looking at the ways voices and visions are depicted in music, TV and film.

Useful Links: Organisations and resources that you may find helpful