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We are a small national charity whose work is mostly carried out by volunteers (including the trustees).

Our aims are to:

  • Raise awareness of the diversity of voices, visions and similar experiences
  • Challenge negative stereotypes, stigma and discrimination
  • Help create more spaces for people of all ages and backgrounds to talk freely about voice-hearing, visions and similar sensory experiences
  • Raise awareness of a range of different ways to manage distressing, confusing or difficult voices
  • Encourage a more positive response to voice-hearing and related experiences in healthcare settings and wider society

Some of the things we do:

  • Sharing information and free resources through our website, social media, e-bulletin, newsletter and email information service
  • Engaging with the media to present realistic and hopeful perspectives on hearing voices and related experiences
  • Offering workshops, training and events – subject to resources
  • Supporting members who want to set up a Hearing Voices Group

Some of the things we don’t do

  • Run groups directly (we provide guidance and networking opportunities for those who do run groups)
  • Provide crisis or long-term support (we connect people with available resources where possible)