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A Little Insight

Voice Collective, a London-wide project supporting children and young people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual perceptions, have released a brand new animation to challenge stigma. Watch this clip below:

The animation, created by young people (aged 13-18) who hear voices, is clear, honest and inspirational. Voice Collective plan to take it into schools to reach out to young people who a) have experiences like these but are afraid to tell anyone and b) young people without these experiences so that they are able to support their friends better.

A central theme is that when someone returns to school after breaking their arm people gather round them wanting to sign the cast. However, some young people who hear voices feel that their friends stay away from them and think they’re a freak. The animation asks the simple question – what’s the difference?

Another young person featured in the animation explains how this helped her revaluate who her real friends were. It gives examples of the kinds of things that these young people would like others to say/do to help.

We hope you like this animation as much as we do. Please feel free to share the link with anyone you think may be interested.

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