3 responses to “Eleanor Longden Speaks Out: TED@London”

  1. Moira Laidlaw

    I am writing a novel about someone who hears voices. I read your chapter in ‘Experiencing Psychosis’ about your experience of being incarcerated for schizophrenia. It moved me to tears. I then listened to your talk here at TED. I wanted to say that your writing and words are profoundly moving and very important for mental health professionals to bear in mind. I am encouraged by the idea that there are psychotherapists out there who understand that respect for the individual’s reality have to lie at the heart of all processes of healing.

    Thank you.

  2. Paolo

    A courageous and inspiring talk for all voice listeners; I feel especially for the likes of me, who is also within pursuit of academic merit. A work of true genius. I wish to perceive of a more caring approach, from institutional professionals for example, toward those who speak of their accompanying voices. Hopefully, this will encourage that courage to those who want, and or need, to share their most difficult introductions with a helpful and willing listener, to continue to help break down the deeply encoded negative reactions and responses, and to finally turn toward an acknowledgement of the benefits of advanced discussion and dialogue.

  3. Joanne Bihari

    Thank you so much for this brilliant, illuminating talk. I wish that every person working in mental health could watch this over and over until the lessons sink in and improve the way we treat people!

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