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  1. Fran

    I found this story fascinating. I’ve had some of the same experiences. I learned through my voices that if you hear negative voices it’s usually because you are in a psychic space–and all spaces are essentially psychic–where you don’t control the portal, or the entry way.

    Some psychological or psychic areas you are in, if you don’t control the portal or entry way to the psychic space you are in, will be infested with souls that don’t belong to you, don’t like you, aren’t empathetic to you, and so forth. And they can act badly. The key to taming those unfriendly voices is to get control of the portal. That way you can control which souls come in and which ones have to leave. If your own soul isn’t in control of the space you are in, there is someone else’s soul in control of it, and God only knows if it’s an empathetic soul towards you or not.

    If you’ve been victimized by trauma, it is possible that your own soul chose to leave, and you’ve got a bunch of what psychics call “walk-in’s” who have taken over your body to keep you physically alive. They are souls that enter once yours has left, and they basically take over. You may even not be conscious of it, but you are usually aware in some faint way that your reactions, your thoughts, your interests may have changed. What I’ve learned is that your consciousness is always separate from your soul. They are two different things.

    I learned this by studying some works of Shamanic healers. I didn’t realize until researching it that a large part of their work, at least here in the United States, is soul retrieval, or getting the soul to come back home. A fascinating new book out is Robert Moss’ DREAMING THE SOUL BACK HOME. There are quite a few fascinating sites on the Internet as well about this topic written by Shaman. The Shaman Sandra Ingerman at http://www.sandraingerman.com has a site devoted to it and has written a book entitled SOUL RETRIEVAL.

    Another method of realigning your energies so that you don’t have antipathetic souls surrounding you is to realign your Chakras. That will take all of the negative energies out of you and replace them with loving, healing energies. Reiki masters are experts at this.

    I am sure there are other sorts of psychic energy healers who practice these sorts of things, but so far these are the ones I’ve come across.

    Once you are in full control of your psychic portals and energy fields, you may find that your voices are very helpful and loving towards you. They can even advise you when negative entities are about to approach. Mine do.

    I got this “disease,” if you want to call it that, about 7 years ago, shortly after a severe diabetic coma where my blood sugar was found by the paramedics to be “0” and my heart had apparently stopped. I was revived and taken to the hospital. It’s after that that I suddenly became what I thought was very psychic, and within months, began hearing voices. It was brain damage. But on a spiritual level, it was much more than that. The me that was, simply left and never came back. I didn’t have a near death experience, I think, because the soul that should have come back to tell me about it, didn’t. And I was a different person after that.

    I used art therapy to attract my own soul to come back, because I didn’t know anything about energy healers at the time, and as a professional artist, knew about the healing affects of art instead. My voices told me this would be the best way to attract my soul and take control of my portals again. My work as an artist was successful, and I’ve since found my soul. Perhaps it wanted to come back just to enjoy the wonderful art I was doing!

    Or perhaps the art therapy, which for me was really color therapy, worked. There is a growing field out there of color therapists who use color frequencies to heal various maladies for patients. Since for me what worked was essentially color therapy I’ve developed a whole philosophy about it, but I don’t want my comment to get much longer and that would take a chapter!

    Thank you so much for telling your story, and I wish you the best of luck in the future. –Fran

  2. Louise Gillett


    I was directed to this website today by somebody who recently attended the Hearing Voices conference in Cardiff. I have had three psychotic breakdowns – and was diagnosed with schizophrenia – but have now fully recovered. I write a blog, Schizophrenia at the Schoolgate, and have published a book ‘Surviving Schizophrenia: A Memoir’. I have found this site very interesting and informative (as I was assured I would) and will be checking in again soon. All the best, Louise.

  3. Luis John Soria

    I feel no one should be afraid of or should be ashamed in hearing voices. As a novelist in doing audio recordings for over ten years, I have found in many different situations and in many different environments where I could record “unseen” male or female voices either interacting with a the “live” human spoken language or just making random talk or sounds of their own will.

    There is this funny statement, “I can’t hear myself think,” some people would say when there is too much noise around them when they want to thinking hard about something.

    Who is it to say over the years of increasing environmental noise – like music, car noise, the operation of machinery in our increasing demanding industry – has not forces our subconsensus mind to develop or increase a “brain voice” to compensate the increases noises all around us.

    I believe some human’s brains are powerful enough to have a completely separate and independent “brain voice” thinking thoughts strong enough to be recorded with any types of recording device. Some people might call this an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) of supernatural origin but I find this to be misguiding and a nonscientific conclusion.

    As soon as the entire world take note of and understand the “brain voice,” the sooner we can live better with it.

  4. Toni

    My son who is incarcerated in a correctional facility in NYS has had about a year and a half of bizarre eposoes. There have been far too many to list here but what has been happening is he heres voices of the people he is talking to on the phone start whispering negative things to him, like your never coming home, some to the point of him having 2 suicide attempts based on what he hears. None of us say the things he is hearing. Its at the point now where he doesn’t believe we are not saying these things to him. He admitted to me that it only happens when he talks to us over the phone never when we see him in person. He also hears people around him say things without ever speaking. He has been diagnosed with a mental illness, but they are having a hard time treating him because they have never come across a case quite like his, He is a very intelligent individual who admits that what he experiences sounds crazy even to him. He also gets very upset that no one gives him any answers but it seems like everyone around him knows whats going on. I was hoping someone might know of some books that I could send him to help him understand he is not alone, and that his loved ones are not saying the negative whispers that he is hearing. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  5. Toni

    Thank you very much for responding. I did print about 20 pages and sent them to him with the hope he would see he is not alone. It did not really work. He also hears all the people around him saying the same type of things, and he said when they are saying it he sees their lips moving so he knows they are actually speaking and he is not just hearing voices. They say things like your the one, and your never going home. My heart aches for him this whole thing is causing him so much pain. I will try your suggestions, hopefully it will help. Again thank you for responding.

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