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  1. kent

    Hello Jo, my name is kent and i most certainly do hear voices voices, not just the impression of such as you seem to be implying. just one thing for you Jo. what’s dissociation? i guess i can look it up, and will probably do that so i know exactly what your talking about. I, as an individual, have been absolutely traumatized by the psychiatric community and am shocked and appalled to find out that their primary view of treatment is based on medication, and offer little in the way of education or even helping to develop the skills to cope. A lot of stuff, I realized almost immediately, I would have to figure out on my own. Though i dont suffer from the same thing you do, i appreciate reading your point of view. God bless you.
    My name is Kent, and I hear voices.

  2. Lucy Lee

    It’s really good to read about your experience Jo and read your poetry and I’m so glad you are finally coming out of the darkness and finding hope and good things in your life again.
    I have been through similar experiences myself and I understand the struggle, the pain and the nightmare of it all.
    You are so right when you say that talking is really the only way to deal with it in the end. I found talking to be so hard but it really is the only way.
    Happy days ahead,
    Lucy 🙂

  3. Duncan

    Thank-you for this post.
    You make perfect sense. I think that talking is probably the answer.
    I spent many years NOT talking, going through psychosis.
    I think talking it out of the system probably is the right course.
    Thanks for your post.

  4. Part Lane

    My sons is 33. He’s been hearing voices for a long time. He talks quietly to someone and often what I hear is
    The problem is he won’t ‘Engage’ at all with anyone and ends up in prison continuously
    For not adhering to his probation rules. I think he hears voices instructing him to do otherwise. This had let to him now homeless and currently on my floor, with police needing him for missing probation and he’s not allowed at my address too. You can see the position im in and i don’t know what to do next.
    Flinging him a category A prison on a Magistrates decision on the day after not looking at his real state of mind is pushing him towards a very sad ending.

    What would have happened to you if you didn’t listen and engage?

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