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  1. Anthony

    My voice gets louder when I try to help myself causing headaches tirednes and wanting to shut down and retract from living.

    My voices turn into shouting noise to loud to bare.

    My voice wants me to abuse myself.

    I am not in control sometimes. Under substance abuse my voice has the power to hurt. Only one thing is sacred and thats my child. I have sat next to my child when asleep and wept at the control the voice has.

    no one listens – but they do really maybe. Doctors dont listen.

  2. Anonymous

    Terrific stuff. Thank you very much. How weird to find my voice is so like yours was! Thinking again about joining a hearing voices group. Deep thanks, from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.

  3. Raj

    I have a cousin who has started hearing voices in her head for the last three months. She is feeling restless, tired and has headache at times. She has not slept properly for the last three months. We consulted a doctor and she has instructed her to take tablets for the next three days. Today morning we though she was alright however today evening she again started hearing the voices.

    She says her voices ask her not to study and they try knowing everything about her. She also says that they asked many things about me and that she told everything. She says they have not revealed anything about them till now however she says that they are her schoolmates. Initially we thought she wanted to escape from studies and she was creating reasons for that. Later on, one fine night she tried walking away out of the house after midnight, when asked she stated that someone is calling her outside and she was going to meet them but there was nobody out there….

    After talking with her we came to know that she is talking about a guy who studies with her in the school. Whatever she does, she says that that guy knows and leaves a comment for that and that there is a girl accompanying him for all this. They come in a white car asking her not to study. She is 19 years old and very studious. She is an introvert and does not talk or laugh a lot….

    Now that she is hearing voices she is not able to concentrate when we ask some questions to her, she wants us to repeat the question twice or thrice which is very unusual. While were awaiting to meet the doctor and when asked if she is hearing anything, she said those voices asked her to go and die……This came as a shock to us and that is when we realized the seriousness of the problem she has.

    If you could help us to bring my lovely sister out if the problem she has, I would appreciate your help……..

    Thanks in advance…….



  4. New born

    My way of dealing with my voices is to accept them as being part of me. I also know that voices in my head are like characters. And when they speak its just what i think they are thinking of me. So the voices are just my thoughts.
    This way i learned to control and deal with my voices. And i LOVE it.

  5. anonymous

    Voices heard in a car frighten me.
    On Lori Brown’s blog, Ms. Brown wrote about her boyfriend, in their car, being POSITIVE that another driver was laughing at him.
    In the blog entry, Ms. Brown had to stop the car, and break up with boyfriend.
    Wishing I had read THIS entry earlier.
    When bombarded by a voice simulateneous to passing an oncoming car, I become convinced that the voice came from somebody in the car.
    Hence, glaring, cursing, etc.
    My doctor’s feedback has gone from unhelpful, to, perhaps predictably, asking me if I’m seeing things as well.

  6. Jana

    Im sinds 2 weeks of antypsychotic. I got alot of nasty effects when i was getting off the drugs. Thank GOD the 2 weeks are over, because it takes 2 weeks for the effects of getting off to go away. Im very proud that i am drug free and i became more of a holisitc person. Western traditional psychiatry doesnt work for me, it makes me only sicker.

    I am very happy of this website, because it gave me alot of strenght and information when i was getting off the antypsychotis.

  7. del

    Voices are your own thoughts!

  8. Jan

    What a fabulous piece of writing

    I am so pleased to have found such a clear description of voices It has really helped me. Thanks very much

  9. finbar donovan

    hi there, thanks for a great article and the comments – it helps to know im not alone. For me the voices seem very real/ I suffer from thought broadcasting and insertion. I have many voices that communicate and all are from deseased people except my own which i hear saying horrible things, mad things – and sometimes humours things but mostly annoying and immature and basically not listening to my common sense or logic. Though logic seems to go out the window with my situation sometimes.I have been suffering for 5 years now and have good days and bad. The voices as i describe them are ‘spiritual’ the main ones are jesus and myself with others poping up time to time. my parents say its all just me and my mind. But as im sure many can relate – it feels so real sometimes – and no matter how much support my parents give etc or doctors – they cant truely understand unless gone though it themselves. Weather it is real and i am ‘special’ as the voices say (Jesus) – the symptoms and situation is the same as a mental illness. Not that i think im a meduim etc – i think most of that is fake and they just want to make money off peoples greif etc. If anyone can relate to the idea of communicating with the dead or hearing them i would love to get to know you by email. Thanks again for a great website and remeber guys there is always hope and help out there. god bless finbar.

  10. Bethlehem damie

    Am 17 and i started hearing voices for 4 years now. I started medication last year but i decided to quit because i couldn’t study and it makes me very tired even with a small doze . Ma voices at first they seem nice and peacefull but last year they become aggressive. They like to play games and enjoy when i suffer. I don’t know why but they hate me so much. I got no support from ma parents and ma friends they all think am crazy. I don’t want to live with ma voices but i don’t know what to do!

  11. Nicola

    Thank you thank you thank you for your story. I first had a psychotic episode in the year 2000 and heard my first voice. I was involved in the spiritual side of life and still am to a degree and my voice appeared as a spirit guide. Until I received their messages which were negative or caused pain. My alarm bells went off as I know that real mediums give messages of hope and love from people past over. Over the years when I either forgot my medication or I became stressed I had relapses and the voices would come back. They were always nasty and aggressive which seemed to worsen as I got older. I always tried to keep calm but because they had significant information about me via my thoughts and memories they had a bullet they could fire at any time. I have had an abusive childhood and when I was older and I had hidden myself away. I do have the love and support of my family thank god. Part of my problem was that my upbringing was a christian one and often my mother used to say about hell which I have been frightened of all my life. It was only till I turned in my teens after a poltergeist experience. I was told by my psychic I was waking up. This led me on a journey. At the age of 28 in the year 2000 I had my episode. And saw things, smelt things, tasted thing and heard things. I was terrified. Now in 2016 after finally having the guts to open myself to everything they said (usually I tried to muffle their voice so not to hear painful things) I listened and had a breakthrough. The voices for the first time started to try and help me. I did feel a tinge where I didn’t believe them. I have never trusted them. But I gave them the benefit of the doubt and listened. I actually did learn something from them to. But I made them angry again, they got really pissed off and I thought bang there that goes. But I realized something important. I realized I wasn’t evil and I wasn’t a bad person like they used to try and make me out to be. I learned a lot about my abusive past and I learned a lot about what I had become and that I needed to accept the past had gone and I wasn’t as bad as I thought. I began talking to my voice and I did actually tell them how abusive they had become. They told me they were demons and in the next breath that they were trying to help me. I still don’t trust my voices, but you have given me hope that I can help pacify them and even better until they dissolve. I am thrilled to see what you have written. It has given me hope. Thank you

  12. Rick

    Very helpful article. It almost seems as though your voice is the exact same voice toying with me…. with its lies and deceit. Constantly confusing me, and seemingly feeding off my despair.

    I could relate through the entire article. However, the voice for me, is mainly my mother, sometimes my father, and sometimes they pretend to be anyone that is near, so as to make me think everyone in the world can read my mind.

    I however get visuals as well. I see heat wave entities follow me around, which, when focsed on, turn to colors, then shapes, then animations of real people, and cartoons alike.

    I also see faces, picturesque faces, very detailed in patterns like counter tops, carpets, gravel, ashphalt. Sometimes animated, sometimes still.

    My voice knows I would hate it if everyone could read my thoughts, so it likes to pretend there are thousands of people observing me at every moment…. however, most of the time, there is only the one voice, of my mother (who is still alive actually), and the voices, though have different voices at times, all speak the same way, and use the same words.

    I realize I will never know what is going on, however, I can’t stop trying to figure it out. It is consuming me. And at times, I really enjoy trying to figure it all out, right or wrong. Other times, I dread even getting out of bed.

    Thanks for sharing

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