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  1. Ron Unger

    Hi Rachel,

    This is a great story! You say you are no expert, but your insights are amazing. I hope you keep sharing what you have learned!

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  3. Jeannie

    Rachel – thank you for providing me with a entirely new way of relating to my brother, who has two labels: schizoaffective and bi-polar disorder. He has always been resistant to medication and although he also deals with alcoholism, which may or may not be a way of quieting the voices…I have never mis-trusted his decision to choose no neuro medication. I only always wish he could have some peace of mind 🙂

    I am currently studying for my MA Somatic Psychology/Body Psychotherapy and your post has contributed greatly to my philosophy as a future therapist.

    Much love – Jeannie

  4. kent

    i too hear voices and i have always wanted to find out about the experiences of others who hear them, (i.e. exactly what do others voices say to them, or sound like) i have been hearing voices since 2002, i was 31 yrs old then. i am just now starting to research these things on the internet for my self and am amazed as i sit reading nearly my own story from strangers from all over. thank you for your story and your efforts to expand the understanding of others about this issue which is very near and dear to myself. i used to make fun of people who saw councilors and things of that nature, and my experience has def taught me to be more compassionate and understanding of people with such disorders. As a patient of the psychiatric community i am absolutely shocked and appalled at their complete lack of enlightenment or understanding, or even compassion. In a nutshell i was told to take my medicine and i would feel better, i didnt, and the voices never went away. I am a long time Christian, and i say God bless you and we need people like you to tell your story and help others.
    ty Miss Rachel, my name is Kent, and i hear voices

  5. Katherine McManus

    I work in a mental health unit as a nurse.I cannot wait to share this website with patients!

  6. Linda Baxter

    Hi Rachel, I worked in mental health for many years and I too thought of these experiences in the same way. They always had a sense of reality about them. I am so hearten that there now is a more humane way of dealing with them rather than silencing them.
    I now work as a counsellor.

  7. Sally Turner

    Hi there Rachel.
    I am training to be a mental health nurse and have come across your post. It’s fantastic, as is your website, and it’s such a great way of learning more about something which is quite unconceivable if you’ve never experienced it.

    I was wondering if there was a Communicating with voices: Part Two anywhere?

    Thank you for you honest explanation of your experiences.

  8. Ali

    I have been told by my psychiatrist that I have Schizophrenia. I’ve been hearing and seeing things for more than a year now, but nobody knew about it for sure. All my friends tell me I talk out lout to myself in class, but I don’t even realize it. I set up a google document and I record what they say to me, and sometimes I let them control me and write what they want. They have named themselves and they thank me for finally involving them in my life openly. This will really help me, and my voices, understand what’s going on.

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