6 responses to “A First Class Recovery: From hopeless case to graduate”

  1. Rachna Saxena

    It is stupendous to receive, the long support one needs to probably hearing voice HV:S and the inspiration of Pro Choice, kudos to the great Graduate Elanor Longden.

    With the best and watnea the wishes it have, eket the higher engrowned wishes to receive the receptacle of bliss we remain in Gratitude . Elanior Longden and the Dr. Bracken.

    Loving regards family and Rachna Saxena India NEW Delhi .

  2. Gledwood

    I would like to go back to university but how the hell am I meant to fund it, having dropped out of not 1 but 2 courses. With tuition fees at £9000 a year…!

  3. Gledwood

    I would like to know if there are any mental health charities offering scholarships for people who messed up their studies first and second time round … if you know of any organisation that could help, please get in touch via my blog http://gledwood4.blogspot.com. Please do NOT email me, the acccount is full of spam and your message probably won’t get though…. Many thanks!

  4. J

    I would really like to learn to cope with the voices. These neuroleptics are making my life very hard to live. Are there any good tips on how to learn to cope with the voices?

  5. Cynthia

    The voice hearer groups on Yahoo are very good..i now only receive their monthly letters on how to cope with voices and how to help a loved one who is a voice hearer. The emails have very good information that may help you

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