8 responses to “I Talk Back To The Voices In My Head”

  1. Claire

    i’m really glad everything worked out well for you.

  2. Elaine Temblett

    I have my husband who hears voices for the last 15 years he has learned to cope with it. I now have my daughter hearing them but they are not blood related. Can you tell me if there are meetings in our area we can go to please. Swansea.

  3. Zypa

    I’m very glad it worked out very wel for you. Especially coming of the medications and discharged from the menthal healt services. Because we al know how the side effects are of the medictions and the bad service provided by the menthal healh services.

    Im curious if people diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder also can learn how to deal with their voices. I know its common for people diagnosed with schitzofrenia, but can also people with schizoaffective disorder learn these kind of techniques?

  4. Zypa

    I dont believe in psychiatry. Psychiatry doesn’t work for me. I am my own therapist. The only thing the menthal health system does is give medicine, but they dont help you in dealing with your symptoms. The psychiatric medicine is awfull. The side effects are more powerfull then the benefits of those antypsychotics.
    I dont know why they still give those antypsychotics, they are so harmfull to your health.
    Thats why im very thankfull for this website, It helps people like me and many around the world to deal with symptoms without needing those nasty psychiatric medicines that dont help.

  5. Rachel Van Den Bergen

    I don’t take medication either. I used to ages ago and was given a psychiatrist but every time I had a problem he just altered the dosage without talking about the problem. I have also had workers in supported housing. Although they are good with other things they don’t seem to be clued up on voice hearing.

  6. Frank

    Hi. As a spiritual healer of healers I can honestly say I hear voices all the time. In fact full on conversations. It was a bit weird at first. I honestly thought I was mistaken. However when healing I simply ask the question and generally immediately get an answer as to what’s wrong. I’m not a medical expert by any means so some of the replies I get are beyond me. So I ask for an easier to understand translation and get it. Now of course I accept that there are spiritual beings around us everywhere and all the time, so it’s only natural they should try to communicate with us. I would say don’t worry about it. But if you are concerned just say ” please leave me alone I don’t understand you”

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