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What are we asking for?

As a user-led national charity who supports the development of these groups, we need your help to fund alternative support options for those who need and want them. We are applying for grants to support people too, but want to be able to launch the forum as soon as possible – but just don’t have the cash. This campaign gives us the ability to move quickly and put support in place when it’s needed. We can build on this if, and when, we get further funds.

See our Just Giving page at:

We are seeking donations to help us:

  1. Fund an online support forum, in a secure platform that won’t be flooded with spam and people can feel safe enough to share what’s happening for them with the support of peer-volunteers (people who have been through it themselves). This will help people to build connections with others – even when we can’t meet in person.
  2. Create, print and distribute resources (newsletters, isolation-specific coping strategies, information and personal stories) that helps ensure those who do not use the internet are not forgotten and can stay connected.

We have set our target at £500, but every penny we receive will go directly to supporting people who hear voices. We don’t have any paid staff, and our main income streams are membership and donations … every penny and pound makes a difference to us.

Please only donate if, and what, you are able – we know these are difficult times for us all. Stay safe.

You can donate here:

If you would like to find out more about us, please see our ‘about us‘ section.

Is you, or someone you care about, struggling with voices/visions during the lockdown, see our Covid-19 Lockdown Survival Guide

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