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Loukia is looking for participants for the following study and has contacted HVN to ask if we would circulate it. If you are interested in taking part or know someone who is, please contact them directly to find out more information. The study is independent to HVN. They have agreed to share the outcome of the research with us, and we will publish it when we are able to.

Chaidemenaki Loukia:

Participants Information Sheet

University of Derby LogoWe invite you to take part in the research project “Experiences of mystical among people who hear voices, see visions or who have had extraordinary experiences” which is conducted by Chaidemenaki Loukia under the supervision of Dr. William Van Gordon, lecturer in Psychology and University of Derby, UK.

What is the aim of this research?

The aim is to explore the experiences of mystical among people who hear voices, see visions or have had extraordinary experiences

Who is able to participate?

People who have had mystical experiences or hear voices, see visions or have had extraordinary experiences are able to participate in the research. Criteria for participation are mainly having interest for spiritual, religious, transcendent, artistic matters and so-called mystical experiences, having/or have had experienced mystical experiences. However, people who have or have had mystical experiences under substance intoxication, have a recent mental health disorder diagnosis and are under 18 years old are not able to participate in the research.

What will I be asked to do?

At first, you need to declare your interest at the end of this document by giving your e-mail. Then, the researcher will contact you in order to arrange a short screening via skype with you in order to explain more about the research aims and for you to discuss your motivation and relevance with the research topic. After completing this, you will be sent an online consent form and go through an online one-to-one interview with the researcher. The interview questions will be relevant to the area of interest of the research. The discussion will take 20–30 minutes maximum. After completing the interview process you will have the opportunity to ask questions about the research topic.

Will I be affected in any way?

There are no known risks (psychical or psychological) resulting from the study. The discussion will be conducted in a sensitive, warm and empathetic way.

Will I be able to withdraw from the research?

If any issue arises during or after the process, you are able to withdraw at any point and until two weeks after the interview date by contacting the researcher in the given contact details. A referral list and contact details of the researcher will be also provided for any further information regarding the research.

Will my information given be kept confidential?

Your data will be kept confidential. You will be asked to provide a Unique identification Code with which your data will be stored. Furthermore, you will be addressed throughout the research processes with a pseudonym. The interview will be audio-recorded. The recording will be solely for internal use by the researcher to analysis of the relevant information. The information provided will kept up to 7 years. After this time period, all data provided will be destroyed.

Who will have access to this information?

The researcher, the research team and academics at the University of Derby will have access to the information provided.

How will the information provided be stored and used in the future?

The recordings and information provided will be kept at the absolutely secured in an electronic file accessible only by the researcher. They will be only used for writing up the research report. A part of the research report might be used for other scientific purposes such as publication scientific journals. Participants’ data used in the analysis will be addressed using a pseudonym.

Has the research been ethically approved?

Yes, the research has been designed based on the British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and approved by the Ethics Committee for psychological research of the University of Derby.

Will I receive any rewards from my participation?

No, there is no financial reward from participating in the research. Your participation is entirely voluntary.

If I need further information to whom shall I refer to?

In case of any further information or enquiries about the research, you shall contact the researcher, Chaidemenaki or the supervisor of the research project Dr. William Van  and 01332597826

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