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  1. B

    It started when I was 9 after I was raped. that night, I remember the troubles I had waiting to close my eyes and go to sleep but the voices were always there. they never left me since and now I am fifteen and diagnosed with schizophrenia. I guess it has helped to know what was happening to me and the medication helps too I guess. I rejected help at first but then realised that without help, I would be so much worse than I am today and for that I am very thankful. schizophrenia is not a great mental disorder to have but with the time and effort you put in to make it all better, it will be all worth it in the end

    1. HVN

      Hi B, thanks for getting in touch to share your experiences. I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been through so much already at such a young age. Having voices and visions start after a traumatic event is relatively common – we hear that a lot, and research also links these experiences with trauma. It’s good to hear that getting the diagnosis helped you make sense of it a little – and get some help. I was wondering – have you ever had any support for what happened to you when you were 9 years old? Sometimes people find that getting help for the trauma can help with things like voices too (and other difficulties that start after a trauma). You might want to contact Voice Collective – http://www.voicecollective.co.uk (an organisation that supports children and young people with experiences like these). It’s great that things are getting easier for you – and hope that this continues too.

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