2 responses to “Hearing Voices/Paranoia Group Facilitation Training in Preston”

  1. Brigid Hurley

    Hello, My name is Brigida Hurley I hear voices, and I have symptoms of delusions and paranoia. I have been diagnosed with Paranoia Schizophrenia. Your group facilitating group on voices and paranoia sound wonderful. I live in an urban city in Arizona state, U S A. Is there anyway of finding out more about your wonderful training group? I would love to learn and be a part of such dynamics. It sounds very powerful and positive. What a lovely job your doing. I have a new Facebook page for schizophrenia, no stigma. I also, write, practice mindfulness, and just finished a children’s book, 3-8, solving problems as a family. I’m a self publishing writer. I have a blog about schizophrenia. Do you have classes online, videos available? https://brigidaandschizophrenia.wordpress.com/2015/04/07/hello-world/
    Brigid Hurley

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