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We know that social inequalities and adversity (inc poverty, discrimination, racism and other forms of hate and intolerance (including homophobia, transphobia and sexism), prejudice, poor housing, isolation, loss, trauma and abuse) can be related to difficult voice-hearing experiences.

It’s important that the conversation doesn’t stop there.

This event explores some of the many different ways people and their experience of voices, visions and similar sensory perceptions are affected by a world that can be ‘maddening’.

Importantly it looks a how we can take care of our selves and one another.

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Download and share flyer: Mad World Flyer


  • Living in a Mad World: Personal experiences
  • Creating Communities & Sanctuary Spaces
  • Creative Acts of Resistance: Challenging the status quo
  • Surviving in a Mad World: Recognising & working with ‘burnout’

Confirmed speakers include:

Elisabeth Svanholmer, Rufus May, Alison Branitsky, Rai Waddingham & John Read.

This event is suitable for: anyone interested in the topic, including: people who hear voices, their loved ones, practitioners, academics & policy makers.

The event runs from 10.30 – 4pm. It is followed by our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at 4.15pm. We welcome anyone who is interested in finding out more about what HVN does.


Free: Current HVN Members (if you are not sure if you, or your Hearing Voices Group is a current member, please email and we will check our records).

£5: Concessions (unwaged non-members)

£20: Reduced (low-waged non-members)

£40: Standard (waged non-members)

Book your ticket:

We operate from an honesty principle, trusting attendees to choose the non-member fee category that matches their circumstances and that they can afford. Please bear in mind we are a charity and our activities are funded by membership and conference fees. We don’t have a lot of cash in the bank, so appreciate you paying what you can afford.

* Profits will be used to subsidise travel for HVN members with lived experience that would otherwise struggle to attend. We are keeping costs low, but please consider donating additional funds if you are able. You will have the opportunity to choose a ‘donation’ ticket if you would like to pay more than the standard ticket to support the bursery fund.

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