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We are excited to invite you to join us for our Annual General Meeting and members event on Saturday 2nd April, from 2pm – 4pm, Online (Zoom)

The event begins with a screening of Dolly Sen’s short film – ‘Inside’ and is followed by a Q&A/discussion with Dolly who will kindly be joining us for the event.

Then, at 3pm we will have our AGM.

In addition to hearing what the HVN trustees have been doing, the AGM is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other members and share experiences and ideas. We will have time for our usual ‘Round Robin’ where any member (group or individual) is welcome to share a few words.

As this event is online it’s important that you book your space at:

If you have any issues registering for the event, please email us at and we can register you directly and make sure you have the link you need.

Please note: The screening of Inside is open to non-members too. We ask non-members to consider making a donation to attend, but this is not mandatory. Please help us spread the word!


Written and directed by Dolly Sen.

Donna hears voices, but who will she will listen to? INSIDE is a film about psychosis written and directed by Dolly Sen, a person who has experienced psychosis herself, a drama about the beginning of how she found a way to herself.


Dolly Sen’s Inside is a hard-hitting short with a powerful message highlighting the disparity of understanding of racism within the mental health system. Parading as care the psychiatric system channels mental health into often unhelpful and judgmental labels that become part of the problem as they do not address the underlying issues that lead to mental breakdown. Inside acts as a case study in how racism can harm people’s mental health and sense of self to the point where it can become part of someone’s psychosis. When Donna declares to a mental health professional that ‘nobody listens’, she expresses just how impossible her situation is where the weight of oppression from white privilege will not be acknowledged. In a succinct few minutes Inside suggests a conversation that the psychiatric system would do well to take heed of.

– COLIN HAMBROOK, Editor of Disability Arts Online

‘INSIDE – THE FILM’, the second of the trilogy by Dolly Sen which started with OUTSIDE (2013), is a moving, intense and evocative portrait of the claustrophobia and loneliness of being spoken to by voices only you can hear in a mental health system which examines and assesses, while avoiding understanding and connection. Experience is reduced to diagnosis and risk. Sen portrays the stresses and precariousness of trying to operate within consensus based reality as someone experiencing psychosis. She speaks from inside the multiple layers of marginalisation experienced by those with psychosis who are seeking understanding, compassion and refuge. While it paints a vivid portrait of that distress, with Sen’s signature rage with biting humour, it also leaves room for the possibility of beauty, hope and connection.

David O Flynn, Adamson Collection Trust

For more info on Dolly’s work, see:

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