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Hearing Voices Network Fundraiser, 19th October 2011

Robert Whitaker, author of Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America, will be visiting London on 19th October.

Why have the numbers of people disabled by ‘mental illness’ skyrocketed over the past fifty years? Why does this epidemic parallel so closely the growth and dominance of psychiatric drugs as treatment? Acclaimed US medical journalist Robert Whitaker documents a history of science and medicine that raises the controversial question: could the drug-based paradigm of care be fuelling this modern day epidemic?

This is a fundraising event organised by and for the Hearing Voices Network, a national charity, which works to raise awareness of voice hearing, visions, tactile sensations and other sensory experiences.


Unwaged: £10

Waged: £20

Please pay on the door

For more information, and to book your place:

Peter Bullimore: 07590 837 694 |

Tori Reeve: 07590 837 017 |

Jacqui Dillon: 07951 635 033 |

Anatomy of an Epidemic Flyer

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