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Time for (Real) Change? Campaign Working Group

Invite FlyerA planning group to develop a campaign for REAL change

1.00 – 4.30pm, Saturday 26 September 2015

@ Freedom From Torture,
111 Isledon Road,
London, N7 7JW

In April we hosted a free event to bring together a wide range of people and organisations concerned with the current paradigm of pathologising and labelling human experiences and understandable reactions to trauma and adversity.

At the event we agreed to host a follow up event to take the next step towards collaboration between those of us who believe it really is time for real change.

This meeting has limited space and is aimed at people who, as individuals or representatives of an organisation / network, are:

  • Inspired by some of the discussions from our April conference (read our Time For Real Change Event Report)
  • Committed to working alongside us, and our allies, to build on our last event to plan a campaign.
  • Willing to put time, effort and passion into making this happen.

Book Your Place

Booking is essential (due to limited space).


Email: (please include your contact details and what you hope to contribute to the meeting)

Download and distribute: Campaign Working Group Invite

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