2 responses to “Alternative Mental Health Act Review: We need bold and ambitious changes”

  1. John Read

    Thanks to all involved in this excellent alternative review, especially Akiko Hart and Rai Waddingham.

  2. Graeme Morrish

    I would also like to see some acknowledgement of how traumatic forced treatment is with access to peer support and trauma counselling. I literally thought I was being forcibly injected with poison which would kill me & the trauma of this still haunts me now nearly 30 years later. Peer run services should be the norm & peer work recognised as the equal if not superior to clinical work. As a survivor of 10yrs in the system, a carer for 10 yrs, a MH Social Worker of 10yrs & a Peer Worker for 2 years I know the benefit of Peer Work which helped me more than anything. Pam Jenkinson & the radical separatist Wokingham Crisis House 🏡 in Berkshire saved my life as professionals were banned & it was the only place I felt safe
    Access to spiritual & alternative therapies should also be enshrined in law

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