Tower Hamlets ‘Voices Within’ Group

Wednesdays, 11.00am - 1.00pm
Bow Haven, Bow Community Hall, 1 William Place, Roman Road, London, E3 5ED
Contact: Kareem | Tel: 020 7364 5531

For those who hear voices and or experience visions. If you would like to join this group they ask that you are referred by a mental health professional. Please contact the facilitator to find out more. The group is open to people who live in Tower Hamlets.

About Bow Haven

  • We are a user run mental health centre based in Tower Hamlets
  • We have been up and running since April 2003
  • We support the running of several groups of mental health service users
  • We encourage mental health service users from all ethnic backgrounds to take up use of available space at the centre

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