Sheffield Hearing Voices Group (Online – Zoom)

Mondays, 10.30 - 11.30am
Zoom / Limbrick Centre, Limbrick Road, Sheffield S6 2PE
Contact: Lyn Argent & Emma Knightley | Tel: 0114 271 8210
Email: /

Note: This group currently runs on Zoom.

Sheffield HVN runs a support group every Monday 10.30-11.30 at the Limbrick Centre, Limbrick Road, Sheffield S6 2PE.

The group is open to anyone who experiences Paranoia or Hearing Voices, the group is facilitated by people who have personal experience of paranoia and hearing voices. The group is self referral so you do not have to be in mental health services to attend. If you are interested but find the prospect of attending quiet daunting you can meet with one of the facilitators prior to attending.

What are Self Help Groups

Self help groups are meetings where people who suffer with paranoia and/or hear voices can get together without having to “put on a mask” and speak with others who have “been there”. Self help groups should not be viewed as therapy but as a place where you can receive encouragement, reassurance, support and a listening ear.

How can they help?

The meetings can help reduce the terrible feeling of isolation associated with paranoia and hearing voices.

It can provide a supportive, informal environment where people can share their fears, worries and ways of coping that have worked for them.

You will hear how each person’s experience is different but will also see that there are many feelings that are shared by others.

This will allow you to support others as well as get support yourself.

It is also important not to worry if you cannot attend every week. You will always be welcome when you visit.

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