Rochdale Hearing Voices Group

Mondays, 10.30am
Contact: Community Services | Tel: 01706 752 335

Hearing Voices Group is an independent organisation which is supported by Rochdale & District Mind.

Are You Hearing Voices You Think Are Not Really There?

If you feel that you are alone and nobody else hears the voices think again !!!

Come along to see for yourself, the group understands how you’re feeling. It is not always that you can talk to family, they don’t always understand what you’re saying even though they listen. You might get new ideas of coping with the voices.

We are a friendly bunch and are always open to new members joining our group. We go on trips and go for breakfast once a month for something different, we are always open to new ideas.

We meet on Monday mornings at 10:30am

For further information: please contact Community Services on (01706) 752 335

Quote from the group

I go on with my every day life but they are still there trying to tell me some thing but I can’t stop my mind enough to listen.

I’m hearing voices not of my own
I was wondering I am having a problem I am not crazy well as far as I know and I have always talked to myself but in my head not out loud, and now the voice that is answering back is not my own, I am kinda freaked out.

Hearing voices is no fun, it makes you wonder what you’ve done
All the voices are a pain am I really going insane?
My friends and I we hear the truth all these voices are uncouth
Ignore the voices, they’re not there but voices can be so unfair
Voices churn inside my head sometimes I wish that I was dead

Taken from the Hearing Voices Group webpage:

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