Newham Hearing Voices Groups

Please contact Satyin for details
A non-medical venue in Stratford
Contact: Satyin Taylor | Tel: 020 8536 2289

There are three weekly Hearing Voices Groups in Newham.

Please note:

This group is currently for Newham residents/people with Newham GPs. Self referral/ referral through wards, GP or Community Mental Health Teams.

There are 2 groups that include staff and 1 voice-hearer led group.

** Please** do get in touch if you are a voice-hearer and want to help with this!

To find out more about these groups

Please contact Satyin by phone to find out more about the group and discuss whether or not it’s something you want to try. The group asks that people speak with Satyin before turning up.


Satyin Taylor – Psychosocial Intervention Practitioner
North West Newham Community Mental Health Team
Vicarage Lane, London, E15 4ES
Tel: 020 8536 2289

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