Manchester Online Hearing Voices Group

3pm, Thursdays
Online (Zoom)
Contact: Paul Baker | Email:

Do you hear voices?

Although it is estimated that 5-28% of people experience voices, negative community attitudes and stereotypes result in feelings of shame, fear of being ‘different’, and experiences of stigma, and staying silent about hearing voices can lead to isolation, loss of social support, and distress. This peer to peer group provides a safe space for people who hear voices to share their experiences within a supportive community.

A Zoom-based Hearing Voices Group

The group says:

Before Covid – 19 lock down they used to have a Hearing Voices and Unusual Experiences Group meeting on Wednesdays at 14.00 at Niamos. Since the beginning of April they have been running the group online and meet on Zoom, every Thursday at 15.00. If you would like to join or find out more contact them on the details above.

The Group is a space where we can share our experiences and benefit from the support we can offer each other. Although meeting online is not the same as meeting in a room together, it does have other advantages such as not having to travel to the meeting!

In recent weeks we have been discussing issues of importance to us, last week we discussed human rights and hearing voices, the week before we discussed whether it was possible to engage with difficult and challenging voices/or voice. If you are want to come along you are welcome.

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