Lee House Hearing Voices Group (Hackney)

Fridays, 11.30am - 12.30pm
Lee House, 6 - 6A Rectory Road, London, N16 7QS
Contact: Kim Sheldon | Tel: 020 7275 9100
Email: Kim.Sheldon@hackney.gov.uk

Lee House is an employment and rehabilitation centre which provides a structured, supportive environment with focused education and employment pathways for its members, to progress from supported mental health services into mainstream opportunities.

Our aim is to provide an encouraging environment for people to achieve their full potential and meet their training or employment goals. This is done by providing 3 main units, a variety of courses and groups and promoting a good work-life balance for all members. Our ethos is underpinned by the Recovery Model and Social inclusion principals.

The Lee House Hearing Voices Group runs weekly to support members who hear voices or see visions.

To access the group, you need to be referred from a CMHT or similar mental health service in Hackney.

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