Bristol Hearing Voices Network

Tuesdays, 3.00 - 4.30pm
Broadmead Baptist Church, Union St (Next to Tesco Metro), Bristol. BS1 3HY
Tel: 07912 624 296 (answerphone)

The aim of BHVN is to promote positive explanations of voice hearing, intrusive thoughts, and other unusual experiences, and to give people a framework for developing their own ways of coping. In order to cope with their experiences people need to take control over their voices/ intrusive thoughts, and regain some power over their lives.

No referral necessary: just turn up!

Do feel free to contact us (see Find Us) to say you might be coming.

The facilitator will be there before the meeting, from 2.30 for 3pm start.

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Bristol Hearing Voices Network (BHVN) offer training.

Covering Voice Hearing and other unusual experiences.

  • Give people an understanding so they can approach Voice Hearers with some empathy.
  • Dispel misconceptions of the Voice Hearing experience. STIGMA.
  • A perception of a Voice Hearing experience outside the medical model.
  • Not seeing the experience as an illness.
  • A different view of a disability.
  • The joys, perils and pitfalls of Hearing Voices.
  • Medication – a magic wand?
  • Exploring where Voices come from.
  • Delusions and Hearing Voices.
  • Coping strategies.
  • The efficacy of a Self-Help Group.
  • What is a Voice Hearing experience?
  • Types of Voices and unusual experiences.
  • Unusual experiences relating to the use of street drugs and alcohol.

Quotes from trainees:

“Yeah it (training) went really well, very well attended and we have received a lot of very good feedback from service users who have commentated on how much they got out of it”- Simon Dix, Second Step.

“It was a pleasure to hear two speakers from The Bristol Hearing Voices Network give their own personal accounts of their experiences and what their voice hearing means to them. The informal setting helped in being able to hear particularly human stories told in very human ways” – Psychiatry Trainees Forum, November 2013

“Really enjoyed the Bristol Hearing Voices Network. Really interesting and challenging perspective. Liked having guest speakers who can challenge the accepted wisdom…” – Psychiatry Trainees Forum, November 2013

For more information and training rates/cost, please contact Don Swift – 07748638766 and or e-mail –

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