Hearing Voices Brighton (Online – Zoom)

Tuesdays, 6.30 - 7.30pm
Zoom / 42 Frederick Place, Brighton, BN1 4EA
Tel: 07547 801 886
Email: hvbrighton@gmail.com
Website: www.twitter.com/HVBrighton

Note: This group currently runs online via Zoom 

Hearing Voices Brighton aims to run a number of self-help groups for people who hear voices, or who have visions, tactile sensations or other sensory experiences. In line with the national Hearing Voices Network’s approach, the purpose of the groups is to provide an opportunity for people who have (had) such experiences to talk freely about them together, and to support those who seek to understand, learn and grow from them in their own way.

We are currently running one group every Tuesday evening from 6.30-7.30pm in Brighton (full details are included on the right of this page). This is an open, drop-in group, which means that you can join at any time and come as often or as little as you want to.

Please come along if you would like to:

  • Meet others with similar experiences
  • Talk openly about experiences in a respectful, safe and supportive setting, without being labelled ‘ill’ or ‘psychotic’
  • Reduce isolation and socialise
  • Share and learn new ways of coping with difficulties

The group runs entirely independently of mainstream mental health services, and is not for the purposes of ‘assessing’, ‘monitoring’ or ‘treating’ so-called ‘symptoms’. The group is facilitated, but not ‘led’ by the facilitators. Group members will have a big part to play in shaping the group to fit with what they need and want.

If you are interested in taking part in a group please contact us.

You can also find us on Twitter at @HVBrighton and Facebook at ‘Hearing Voices Brighton’.

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