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Supported by NSUN’s Covid-19 Fund, we are excited to be offering a webinar with Caroline Mazel-Carlton from HVN USA and the amazing Wildflower Alliance – a grassroots Peer Support, Advocacy and Training organisation with a focus on harm reduction and human rights.

The event will take place on Wednesday 14 July from 2-4pm (UK Time) on Zoom.

Caroline is a voice-hearer and HVN-USA Board member with a passion for creating access in a country where Hearing Voices groups were often vastly far apart.  In 2017, HVN-USA began to hold meetings on the Zoom platform.

This session will explore lessons learned over the years on how to create a supportive community for voice-hearers and visionaries online. 

We will explore key aspects of HVN group facilitation and how they can be modified as we move from in-person circles to online Zoom grid.  We will leave plenty of time to explore common scenarios unique to online formats. 

Bring your questions and your wisdom!

Who is this session for?

This session is primarily aimed at Hearing Voices Group Facilitators (and those facilitating related groups – e.g. unusual beliefs, paranoia and extreme experiences). We also welcome group members who are interested in thinking more about group facilitation. It is not suitable for people with no prior knowledge of Hearing Voices Groups.

Whilst we hope it will be a mutually supportive experience, it’s primary aim is exploring online group facilitation. If you are looking for a Hearing Voices Group or support around your experiences, there are a number of online groups that can help with this. See:

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