Trafford Hearing Voices Group

Every Wednesdays, 10.00am - 12 noon
Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre
Contact: Committee Members: Jen, Anne, Jennie or Jason | Tel: 0161 912 4828
Website: or

What are we all about?

HVG Trafford is based in Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre. We are a talking and socialising group for anyone who hears voices, sees things, or has unusual experiences. We also can support friends and families of those who do.

Our group does not only provide support, but we also socialise and make each other feel valuable.

Feel free to come along every Wednesday, no matter what background you come from, gender or sexuality.

There is no obligation to take part if you feel uncomfortable, you can just turn up and sit in to experience the group first if you wish to!

Download: Trafford HVG Leaflet

What do we do in the group?

Part 1 Check In – How are you today?

Quick breathing exercise. Then everyone who wishes to, gets a chance to say how they have been feeling over the past week or how their mood is today.

Part 2 TIME FOR SHORT BREAK (about 15 minutes)

(you cannot bring food or drink back to the room from the café, except bottled water, due to items left in the room afterwards)

Part 3 News and Information about the group

The Committee will share any news regarding the group (including any events or activities for the group)

Part 4 Group Discussion/Social Activities

Group discussions can be about voices or anything else to keep your mind off things. We alternate between discussion and activity each week

Part 5 Relaxation and Meditation

Time for mindfulness and relaxing meditations (if you wish to, those not staying please check out)

Part 6 Check Out before leaving (for those who stayed for relaxation)

How are you feeling now? Is there anything we can do to support you further before you leave today?

Contact Us

If you want more information, feel free to ask to speak to one of the following Members of the Committee: Jen, Anne, Jennie, Jason

Or you can also choose to email us at:

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