Online Hearing Voices Groups during Lockdown

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Online groups are run along the lines of regular in-person groups – the main difference being you are online. People often use the cameras and microphones with their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to access them. If you want more information, contact the facilitators directly.

17:30 – 18:30 Wednesdays – Voice Collective 16-25 Group
An established peer support group for young people aged 16-25 years who hear voices, see visions or have related experiences, facilitated by Fiona, Nikki and/or Jess from Mind in Camden’s Voice Collective project.

17:30 – 18:45 Wednesdays – New online Hearing Voices Group
Bonny Astor, Ben Ellsworth & Kit would love to hear from you if you’re interested. Email

19:00 Wednesdays – Talking Sense
Talking Sense is an established evening Hearing Voices Group that has now moved online. It is facilitated by Lauren and Janey. Email them at for more info.

10am – 12noon, every second Friday – Derby Hearing Voices Group
The group meets via Zoom and welcome people from any area. See their site for more details and dates.

Various – US Online Peer Support Options
One of the benefits of online groups is that you can join wherever you’re from. Some US groups are willing to accept international members. Have a look at the list provided by Western Mass RLC or see

Support in writing

This includes email support and online forums … especially useful if you want to access support at any time of the day or night or don’t like groups/video conferencing.

Online Peer Support Forum
A secure and supported online space to share your experiences, learn from and support others. Supported by HVN volunteers and trustees, this space is open to people with direct experiences of voices, visions and related experiences (including family/supporters). We have some separate spaces for people who hear voices and family/friends. Posts are only visible to registered users.

National Paranoia Network‘s Email Support Service
In response to the impact of isolation and the current pandemic on people who hear voices, see visions or experience paranoia – The National Paranoia Network is working with allies around the world to provide an international email support service. They do their best to respond quickly in a language that works for you. Email:

Online Gatherings

At HVN, we’ve been trying to create some online spaces for those interested in voices, visions and related experiences to connect and explore experiences from different angles. So far we have run two film nights and one music night. We will publicise these on our news page and through social media.

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