Hull Talking Heads Hearing Voices Group

The last Tuesday of every month, 1pm - 2.30pm
BRIC works, 22 - 23 Storey Street, Hull (opposite the Wilberforce Health Centre)
Contact: Loraine Emery, Anne Parry & Chris Sanderson | Tel: Loraine (01482 389124), and Anne (01482 335710), or Chris (01482 336778)

Talking Heads is a group for people who hear, see and believe things that other people do not (such as hearing voices).

People with these experiences are seen as the experts in their own experiences. Talking Heads offers a place for people to support each other and share their experiences and knowledge. The group is based on the principles of the Hearing Voices Network.

Group members have agreed to treat people respectfully and keep conversations in the group confidential.

What happens at the Groups?

Some topics that have been talked about in the group are:

  • What it’s like to hear voices
  • Coping strategies; how people manage their experiences day to day
  • Helping and supporting one another at times of distress
  • Medication
  • Making the most of the mental health service
  • Overcoming difficulties or stigma
  • How family and friends may react to voices or unusual experiences

Who can come?

There are Talking Heads Groups meeting in Hull, Driffield, Goole and Pocklington.

People who have attended Talking Heads Groups have found it helpful and reassuring; realising they are not alone with their experiences.  The Talking Heads group is open to anyone who hears voices, has visions and/or experiences unusual beliefs. People can come to whichever dates they choose. There is no need for a referral.

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