Deptford Hearing Voices Service

Tuesday afternoons
Dept ford Reach, Speedwell Street, London, SE8 4AT
Contact: John Robinson | Tel: 07966 391 211

The Deptford Hearing Voices Service provides a service that enables the voice hearer to speak with other voice hearers or with the Project Worker. This form of contact can help people feel less alone and can also provide useful information about how to manage or cope with the ‘voices’. The service can also be used by people who care for voice hearers.

The group welcomes people who hear voices from all areas.

The service offers,

  • weekly support groups for people who hear voices
  • individual support with the Project Worker focusing on the ‘voices’ and how to cope with them,
  • visits to the community centres and drop-ins and,
  • an information and advice service for ‘voice hearers’, their carers and for voluntary and professional workers who may wish to find out more about ‘voices’ or the service.

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